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CERAMIC and STONE Floor Registers!

Add a touch of class to Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone and Carpeting.

Send us your Tile for a Perfect Match !!

Or choose from any of our in stock floor register varieties.

Marble Registers

2 types of floor registers to choose from:
Drop In Style sits approximately 3/8" above surface.
Can be fabricated using Marble, Limestone or Granite tile.
Flush Mount sits flush with surrounding tiles.
Can be fabricated using Marble, Granite, Ceramic, Porcelain or Slate tile.
See how a flush mount floor register is installed -

Flush Mount Flush Mount

Our flush mount floor registers have become the most popular design for new floor installations. The ease of installation has made it a favorite among tile installers. When fabricating the vent cover using the customers tile it becomes one with the floor creating a pleasing effect unmatched by any other type of floor register.

Drop In Style Drop In Style

Shown on Tile
Our drop in style floor registers have been most popular in existing tile floors. No installation is required just drop into the duct opening and you will have an elegantly decorative air vent cover.

Shown on Carpet
Using our drop in style floor register in carpeting, projects a high class look beyond compare. It is most popular where a stone floor meets a carpeted floor. The matching stone floor register in the carpeted area integrates the two flooring materials creating beautiful accents never seen before.

Frames Frames

For flush mount  floor register installations. Provides floor register to be easily removable.
The floor register frame is made with brushed silver aluminum. Please note - when ordering flush mount floor registers the frame is included in the price.
Ordering individual frames is intended for installers that want a inventory on hand.

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